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Established in 1985, this heritage-rich premium skincare brand offers the very highest quality of products. An intelligent range of products helps women and men master the visible signs of aging. All Valmont products are developed in conjunction with its four skincare rituals: hydration, radiance, energy and wrinkles/firmness.



Thanks to the RENEWING PACK massage, all traces of fatigue disappear. This treatment is an absolute must if you want quick results before a date or an event.

Duration: 60 minutes  -  $225  



Although wrinkles and the loss of firmness in our skin are unavoidable, their appearance and intensity can be visibly reduced. Using a combination of light pressure movements, Valmont’s Peaks of Firmness treatment makes skin firmer and smoother, while the renowned Valmont collagen mask delivers deep nourishment. Using an incredible lifting and firming massage, the skin is stimulated and conditioned.

  • Duration: 70 minutes
  • Single facial $350
  • Package of 5 facials $1400
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