I am a skin junkie. I have been to people all over the world, Paris, SF, Stockholm, and have lived in or close to Beverly HIlls for the past 20 years. I am always seeking out new Gurus because as my skin ages my needs change. I came to Ronit after reading about her online and she is the real deal. I can talk shop with the best of them because I do my research and have also been to the various excellent skin doctors that only BH can provide. She immediately saw me as an intense customer, the one who wants it better, faster, harder, deeper and will do anything to get that youthful glow and she was up to the challenge. She assessed my skin and made it smooth and shiny with several procedures, some I had done before and some were new. She uses dry ice and dermaplaning, two procedures I have only had in doctor's offices. She is constantly doing her homework and upgrading her instruments and potions. She not only attends all of the skin care expos she takes her plastic surgeon friend with her as a guide to what is BS and what isn't. Come on, that is someone who is doing the legwork in an industry that is often hard to keep up with.

It's Beverly HIlls so it is easy to get a celebrity client, but not as easy to keep them and she is a keeper. She gave me a mild scolding that I deserved because I am a bit of an extremist when it comes to home care for my skin. A fan of the Clarsonic skin cleansing brush she upgraded me to the more intense Pro model that will make a big difference saying to use it twice to really get clean and she even uses the body brush on her face and so will I when I get that attachment delivered. She knew how to change the procedures once she saw my skin and I believe she gives each client that individual care. She loves what she does and she loves to see an immediate result as much as the person in her chair does. She has a true gift and she loves her job. I bought a series and I can't wait to get back to her for more punishment. But don't be afraid of her, I ask for the abuse, she knows what I can handle. She also told me a few things I could do to let my skin calm done a bit after her treatment. She wants you to leave thrilled and be able to see a difference immediately and on that she delivered. My face feels a little tighter and firmer today and still has that rosy glow and that is something she didn't even mention or brag about. That is what we call over-delivering. Get your beauty regime in order for 2011 and get to her, you'll be sorry if you don't. Enough said.

Lauren Safran Studio City, CA
Writer and producer

 What make Ronit’s facials such a renewing experience are not only her technical skill which is superb (she knows and understands skin and is current with all new developments) and her products ---it is her understanding of and empathy with her clients, and their lives, which is unmatched and so appreciated. One leaves her studio looking wonderful but even more important with a mental glow. And that extends the duration of the facial!

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