Exosome Treatment and BioRePeel

Discover the benefits of exosomes facial treatment for rejuvenating and revitalizing your skin. Our advanced exosome therapy delivers targeted growth factors and stem cell signals to stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promote overall skin health. Experience the power of regenerative medicine with our safe and non-invasive exosomes facial treatment. Book your appointment today. 

Micro-needling and micro-channeling both treatments use a device to puncture the epidermis of the skin with fine needles, creating tiny micro-injuries that may improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne & acne scarring. ( Exosome) This unique treatment may also improves the health of your skin by stimulating blood and collagen. 
can be used with Hyaluronic Acid or Exosome. 

Single treatment: $300
Add Exosome $200 extra 

Package of 3 treatments: $800 (with Exosome $200 extra per treatment) 


BioRePeel Treatment: Single treatment $200 or add to any facial treatment for $150 extra. 


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