Regenerating Treatment Mask + Free gift

Regenerating Treatment Mask + Free gift

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Description :

This mask, made of pure and native collagen, combats slackening of the tissues. By providing intense hydration* and working on the cutaneous structure, it visibly and lastingly improves the texture of the skin. Active, but also a carrier of active ingredients due to its occlusive effect, this mask promotes the penetration of any substance, notably the precious minerals contained in Glacier Water, which is sprayed on just before its application. The skin’s firmness and elasticity is immediately restored. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. The complexion recovers outstanding radiance.

Use :

Open the sachet by using the notches. Delicately unfold the mask. Spray Glacier Water all over the face. Remove the mask from its support. Begin by adjusting it around the eye contour according to the position of the holes. Then, gently stretch the mask so that it reaches the edges of the oval of the face. Start with one side of the face then proceed to the other. Finish by adjusting the forehead and carefully remove any air bubbles using your finger or a smooth spatula. Leave the mask for at least 30 minutes before removing it. Apply the Post Collagen ampoule immediately. Finally, apply the cream adapted to your skin type. The collagen mask should be used once a month as a preventive measure, and once a week for skin with marked signs of ageing.

Size :

5 masks

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