Goat Milk Exfoliation

Goat Milk Exfoliation

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Goat Milk Peel Treatment

Goat Milk Peel Program is a gentle home exfoliation system that reduces the inflammation that is typically associated with having a peel. Because inflammation is a strong factor in premature aging, this non-inflammatory goat’s milk exfoliation  is one of the best skin exfoliation treatments to add to your weekly skincare routine.

Goat Milk Peel

Utilizes goat milk and 3 exfoliants:

  1. AHA Softens dead skin
  2. BHA Exfoliates Skin
  3. PGA Exfoliates + Moisturizes

The exfoliating properties of alpha-hydroxy acids break the bonds between dead skin cells allowing for their removal.

Goat Milk Ampoule

4 - (1 time-use) Exfoliation  Pods
1 - Exfoliation Application Brush
4 - (1 time-use) Ampoules
1 - Ampoule Dropper

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